Cradle Of Rome 2 1.1.4

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  • Licencia: Shareware
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  • Sistema: wXP Vista w7 w8
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100 levels of intense puzzle games!

Cradle Of Rome 2 is the faithful sequel to the original, a Match 3 style game that hides a lot of history in it. Cradle Of Rome 2 revolves around the history of Rome, and proposes a challenge to get to become Emperor of Ancient Rome, based on having and using a lot of skill.

If you enjoyed the quality of the graphics and the puzzles of Cradle Of Rome, in Cradle Of Rome 2 you'll have more of the same, with the consequent advance in the story, narrated level to level through 28 exciting stories of the history of Rome which you can listen to comfortably. Cradle Of Rome 2 has an additional 100 levels that will keep you entertained for a few months.

If you love Match 3 games, Cradle of Rome 2 will help you get the most from this style of game, while you enjoy a gripping story which provides an important intellectual weight to the games. Cradle Of Rome 2 is perfect for children and youths.


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